The Running Brook by the Hill

Like all dreams, mine was a vivid one.

It’s past 12 noon and I was lying in bed. The room was silent. I can hear my breathing synchronizing with my cats’ relaxed respiration. I was waiting for the electricity to come back. You see here in the Philippines, black outs are quite common. So there I was, sulking in my boredom. Staring at the ceiling while stroking Porou sleeping beside me.

Then suddenly it hit me. An image, a memory. It was an image of a running brook by the hill. It was a small but a beautiful one. The water was so clear, clean and sparkly. Looking at its water for too long will bring you intro a trance. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining brightly. The sky was blue. The grass was green. The wind was cool and its breeze can put you to sleep. It was a place of peace. It was very beautiful. It was my dream.

I can’t help but smile when I remembered it. Daisy was smiling genuinely. I try my best to remember the details of that dream. It’s something that I want to remember. The more I remember though, the more odd that dream became.

First oddity, the water from the brook seem to come out from nowhere. The brook had a steady stream. It flowed downhill constantly. The source of the brook was a small pool. No fishes, just a pool of water among the rocks. The hill was almost flat on top with no trees at sight. The only logical reason that I can think of why the pool of water was there is because of an underground spring. It must be. The water was cool and refreshing. An underground spring would explain all this.

Second oddity. The house where I live in was quite small. I estimate it would be 10  x 9 square feet on the outside. It’s too small for a livable living space. Inside though, I remember it was spacious. It wasn’t too big, but just right for people to move about. It has white walls and white furniture. It was clean but not sterile clean. Just clean.  The house was located beside the pool of water. Like……literally beside the pool of water. You can see the house’s foundation through the water.

The third oddity. I was living with another person. She was female, a little older than me with a 90s fashion. I remember her above-shoulder-length hair with full bangs. Her hair was natural, a little frizzy and black. She was wearing an over sized, off-white knitted sweater paired with straight cut acid washed denim. She was standing in the archway and was holding a…….glass of water. I’m not quite sure. I don’t know how I am related to her but I know in my real life, she’s somebody who does not exist. She’s an image formed from my subconscious. She’s an NPC.

It was a strange dream but I want to remember. I don’t have the best short-term memory. In fact, I tend to forget things easily. Places, people, events. Sometimes, I feel disconnected. Disconnected to my memories, to the person I was. And sometimes, the only way for me to remember is when I write it down.

I used Sims 4 to visualize my dream.


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